New York State hospital suffers cyberattack

New York State hospital suffers cyberattack | Insurance Business

New York State hospital suffers cyberattack
A hospital in Wellsville, NY was brought to its knees after a cyberattack disabled its information systems.

Jones Memorial Hospital, a rural 70-bed acute care facility, said in a statement that it is in the final stages of bringing its systems back online, expecting to resume standard operations in the days to come.

Health Data Management reported that the hospital has yet to specify the exact nature of the outage of its systems.

“Work on the impacted systems is nearly complete, and Jones clinicians are working with our IT team to conduct system checks prior to resuming full operational status,” the hospital said in an announcement. “We have also worked with Meditech, our vendor for patient electronic medical record systems. The leadership of Jones appreciates their dedication and hard work in helping to restore our systems.”

While its systems were down, the hospital had implemented standard computer downtime procedures, which included the practice of “manually entering information into patient medical charts while some of our systems are offline.”

“We continue to believe that no patient financial or medical information has been compromised, and have been in contact with law enforcement and the New York State Department of Health since the downtime began,” the healthcare facility assured in its statement. “This issue is isolated to Jones Memorial Hospital’s computer systems.”

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