SterlingRisk launches new cyber insurance program

SterlingRisk launches new cyber insurance program | Insurance Business

SterlingRisk launches new cyber insurance program

SterlingRisk Programs, a division of SterlingRisk Insurance, has announced a partnership with cybersecurity insurance company Elpha Secure to launch a new insurance program.

The program, Sterling New Age Cyber, will utilize Elpha Secure’s proprietary tools and software to rank a business’s cyber exposure, which will allow Sterling New Age Cyber to promptly assess and quote coverage, SterlingRisk Programs said.

“In addition to streamlining the insurance process and increasing accuracy, we’re providing the customer with access to our risk management technology to help prevent cyberattacks and avoid phishing,” said David Sterling, CEO of SterlingRisk. “Sterling New Age Cyber is a total solutions program that enables businesses to effectively assess, manage, and insure against cyber threats. It’s a revolutionary, holistic approach to cyber coverage.”

The program is being offered to a range of industries, including restaurants, real estate, retail, family entertainment, social workers, architects and engineers.

“We are excited to partner with Elpha Secure to bring to market a leading-edge program that can help manage what has become a critical loss leader,” said Geraldine DelPrete, president of programs for SterlingRisk. “At Sterling New Age Cyber, we’re all about identifying risk and helping companies improve their cyber posture with the right cybersecurity tools.”