Nonstop Insurance: Making healthcare accessible to all

Kristin Donahue shares her company’s experience in providing affordable health plans and empowering its employees

Nonstop Insurance: Making healthcare accessible to all

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Giving more people access to health insurance is a mission that Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services’ workforce is fully invested in. Kristin Donahue, the company’s chief growth officer, told Insurance Business America how the health insurance company provides care plans and solutions that benefit both employers and employees.

“We help employers partially self-fund their typically traditionally funded health insurance plan, which drives down costs. But we believe in first-dollar coverage, which means the plan pays first so there are no out-of-pocket costs for employees. So, it’s a win for the employer and for the employee,” said Donahue.

Nonstop Insurance employees know it’s their duty to assist others who may have difficulty getting access to healthcare plans, Donahue explained in this interview.

To keep the Nonstop Insurance team inspired, management creates an encouraging workplace that has met the criteria for Insurance Business America’s Top Insurance Employers of 2023. One of the company’s differentiators is a good living wage, which has been effective in retaining employees and hiring new ones.  

Another important aspect of Nonstop Insurance’s leadership model is empowering employees by allowing them to make mistakes.

“I think that even though we’ve grown up from the startup stage, we still embrace a sense of innovation in that we’re going to try something new or different. And our teams are going to have the autonomy to do that,” she said. This approach presents learning opportunities even when some decisions don’t lead to the desired results. 

In addition to enabling companies and workers to save money on healthcare, Nonstop Insurance also maintains strong relationships with brokers and helps them expand their clientele. The health space offers many innovative solutions that brokers can deploy “to help employers provide better, more affordable benefits,” said Donahue.   

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