Duck Creek integrates Quadient customer-management solution

Duck Creek integrates Quadient customer-management solution | Insurance Business America

Duck Creek integrates Quadient customer-management solution

Customer-connection specialist Quadient has announced a partnership with insurance technology provider Duck Creek Technologies. The partnership will integrate Quadient’s customer experience management (CXM) solutions with Duck Creek’s claims management software.

The partnership will bring enhanced omnichannel distribution capabilities to users of Duck Creek Claims through Quadient’s CXM solutions, including customer experienced orchestration and customer journey mapping, Quadient said. The accelerator is based on Quadient Inspire, Quadient’s CXM platform. It will enable insurance business users to send interactive and personalized communications through a customer’s preferred channel and access customer journey-mapping tools to monitor and improve customers’ overall experience.

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Through the partnership, Duck Creek Claims users will be able to:

  • Migrate communications from existing platforms to a centralized hub.
  • Consolidate communications by designing templates that can be personalized and delivered to any channel, for any device.
  • Enable business users to make content changes in a controlled environment to ensure compliance.
  • Gain quick access to archive and retrieval of communications.

In the future, the companies also plan to integrate Quadient’s accelerator with Duck Creek’s policy and billing software.

“Nothing impacts customer loyalty more than the experience customers get during difficult times, and the integration between Duck Creek Claims and Quadient’s CXM solutions enhances the responsiveness, speed and simplicity of the claims process,” said Elizabeth Del Ferro, vice president of partner go-to-market at Duck Creek Technologies. “Our partnership with Quadient further extends Duck Creek’s leadership in providing innovative SaaS-based solutions for global insurance companies that help them navigate the rapidly changing industry and capture market opportunities faster than their competitors.”

“Our partnership with Duck Creek Technologies reflects Quadient’s strategy to work closely with leading technology solution partners and integrate Quadient Inspire’s robust capabilities into their core systems,” said Chris Hartigan, chief solution officer for customer experience management at Quadient. “Integrating Quadient with Duck Creek Claims makes it possible for insurance companies to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and improve customer experiences.”