Franklin Mutual partners with home telematics developer

Franklin Mutual partners with home telematics developer

Franklin Mutual partners with home telematics developer

Franklin Mutual Insurance has partnered with telematics developer Roost to provide the former’s clients with an innovative way to better control their home water systems.

Through the deal, each Franklin Mutual Insurance home insurance policyholder will be eligible to receive a free Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector.

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“By leveraging one of the industry’s most innovative home telematics platforms, Franklin Mutual Insurance continues to demonstrate a daily commitment to its customers through Roost technology solutions that help mitigate the claims cost and hassle of water leak claims for their policyholders,” the company said in a release.

“By partnering with Roost to offer our policyholders Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detectors, we are continuing our commitment to better serve our policyholders with innovative services, products and coverages,” commented Franklin Mutual Insurance CEO Brian Lytwynec. “Together we are pairing valuable innovative devices with excellent insurance that delivers protection and priceless peace of mind around the home for our customers.”

The Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is specifically designed to detect water leaks, as well as monitor humidity and freezing temperature situations. It can deliver smartphone alerts through a proprietary Roost/Franklin Mutual Insurance App to help minimize water damage and loss.

“We are gratified to be working with one of New Jersey’s most established and respected insurers and see this as another strong validation of our smart sensor notification platform,” said Roost co-founder and CEO Roel Peeters. “Franklin Mutual Insurance clearly sees the impact our solutions can have on helping to prevent water claims as well as improving their customer engagement and retention.”

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