Beazley : Everything you need to know

Beazley: Everything you need to know
Founded: 1986
Founders: Andrew Beazley and Nick Furlonge
Gross premiums written (2018): US$2,615.3 million
Leadership: Andrew Horton, CEO
Global presence: Europe, Asia, and across North America

Beazley is a specialist insurer with clients around the world. The organisation is a participant in the Lloyd’s market, and through the Lloyd’s broker network and the market’s trading licenses, Beazley has access to a wide range of insurance and reinsurance businesses from around the world.                                                   

Beazley plc is the parent company of the Group and its business is transacted through six divisions that each have their distinct area of expertise. These include cyber and executive risk; marine; political, accident and contingency; property; reinsurance; and specialty lines.

Beazley in the news
January 2019: Beazley group actuary to secure CFO role
February 2019: Beazley, Marsh launch cyber insurance for manufacturers
February 2019: Beazley endures 55% slide in pre-tax profit
March 2019: Beazley announces enhancements to environmental liability product
May 2019: Beazley creates consortium to take on reputational risk
May 2019: Beazley lifts the lid on updated media and tech industry insurance policy
May 2019: Beazley reports huge rise in ransomware attack notifications
May 2019: Beazley announces surge in GWP
August 2019: Beazley rebrands accident & health unit to Beazley Benefits
August 2019: Beazley selects new syndicate head
September 2019: Beazley launches Title IX coverage
October 2019: Beazley names new leader of corporate development


Key people as of 2019
Andrew Horton – CEO

Horton joined Beazley as the group finance director in June 2003, and was responsible for the finance function of the organisation. In September 2008, he ascended to the CEO role of Beazley plc and also became president of Beazley Insurance Company.

Ian Fantozzi – COO
Fantozzi came onboard at Beazley in 2003 and was appointed Group COO in July 2011. He is responsible for IT, outsourcing, procurement, office space, facilities, project management, as well as underwriting and claims operations.

In fact, Fantozzi got his start at Beazley as the IT programme manager, and later moved to the marine side in 2006 as operations manager. In 2008, he became head of UCO for the UK and non-US offices. In total, he has more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Adrian Cox – Chief underwriting officer
Cox launched his insurance career at Gen Re in 1993, writing short tail facultative reinsurance, before moving on to the treaty department in 1997, where he wrote both short and long tail business specialising in financial lines.

Cox then joined specialty lines at Beazley in 2001, and has since performed many roles, including building the long tail treaty account, managing the private enterprise teams, leading as the underwriting manager, and overseeing the risk teams. He later took responsibility for specialty lines at the company in 2008. He was appointed to the boards of Beazley Furlonge Ltd in 2008, and Beazley plc in 2011.

Beazley’s founders Andrew Beazley and Nick Furlonge set out to start a different insurance company that had a strong culture of teamwork and was able to slice through the complexities present in insurance by bringing straight answers and progressive thinking to the industry and its clients. Beazley’s values are based on professionalism, integrity, and being effective as well as dynamic, and this is how to company aims to treat both its customers and employees.  

Beazley : In the news