Aviva pushes for ban on nuisance calls

Analysis of data shows more than 2.2 billion calls and texts on insurance- and pension-related matters

Aviva pushes for ban on nuisance calls

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By Paul Lucas

We’ve all been there. The phone rings, there is a brief delay, then someone asks if they’re speaking to “Mr or Mrs X.” You reply that’s correct, and then they say they were sorry to hear about that recent accident for which you were not at fault.

What accident, you think? And then most probably put the phone down…

Unfortunately, however, some people are not so quick to latch on to the nuisance call – especially those who are particularly vulnerable, such as the elderly. Now one insurer wants to fight back.

Aviva has carried out an analysis of Ofcom data and revealed that there were more than six million nuisance calls and texts sent every day during 2017. The UK insurance giant also highlighted that 2.2 billion calls and texts were on a host of insurance and pension related matters – ranging from the standard PPI calls we’ve all grown tiresome of to those about injury-related claims. Indeed according to a report by the Eastern Daily Press, it is calls chasing an alleged accident claim that were the most common concern – there were around 895 million calls and texts related to injury accidents or holiday sickness during the year.

Sadly, the over 65s have proven to be a particular focus of this cold calling with the age group receiving nearly 30% of the calls.

Now, Aviva is asking for cold calls related to PPI, pensions and insurance claims to be banned outright just as MPs prepare to debate the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill. Furthermore, it has issued a survey showing that 85% would support such a ban.

“Enough is enough,” commented Rob Townend, UK claims director at Aviva, as quoted by the Eastern Daily Press. “Nuisance calls are a national epidemic which must be stopped. Whether it is a call chasing an injury you may or may not have sustained in an accident, or a pension scammer attempting to con unsuspecting individuals out of their hard-earned retirement savings, there is no place in our society for them.

“Aviva is urging the government to put a swift end to these cold calls. The Financial Guidance and Claims Bill currently before parliament is a terrific opportunity to ban these unsolicited calls once and for all. If the government is serious about protecting all members of our society, including the most vulnerable, then it should take decisive action and ban them.”

What is your opinion on cold calling? Have you been a victim of an insurance related cold call recently? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences.

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