Unveiling the top cyber insurers of 2023

Discover the value of cyber insurance and why brokers need it

Unveiling the top cyber insurers of 2023



Insurance Business UK is proud to present the picks for best cyber insurers of 2023, highlighting industry experts and the ever-growing need for cyber insurance. 

The report emphasises how cyber insurance affects brokers and businesses and what is most important when creating custom insurance policies tailored to client needs. 

According to the report, the key factors driving demand for cyber insurance are the increase and sophistication of cyberattacks, the growing reliance of businesses on technology, and the increasing regulatory requirements related to data protection and cyber security. 

The report breaks down the main reasons businesses need a cyber insurance policy and the types of coverage and claims affecting clients, while highlighting how a clear and concise cyber policy can help keep clients safe.

Brokers also gave insights on how they would like to see improvements in risk management, education, offering more flexible deals, and how to keep up with the latest technology.  

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