AFL Insurance Brokers announces bosses for UK, North America

AFL Insurance Brokers announces bosses for UK, North America | Insurance Business

AFL Insurance Brokers announces bosses for UK, North America

Big things are happening at AFL Insurance Brokers Ltd.

First off, chief commercial officer Jonathan Bines (pictured) is stepping up on June 01. The two-decade insurance executive, who came onboard the independent Lloyd’s broker just a little over a year ago, has been appointed as chief executive of AFL UK.

The appointment comes amid AFL’s further international expansion plans. Later this year the group is slated to launch a new platform in North America, which will see AFL co-founder and current CEO Bob Finch relocate to the US to be the boss of AFL North America.

Finch described the North American push as not only a natural progression for AFL but also “an incredibly exciting prospect” for both him and the brokerage.

“It has been a highly rewarding 10 years leading AFL to this very exciting position we currently occupy,” stated Finch. “The business is in good health, with an infrastructure now in place ready to accommodate the bigger scale we have strategically planned in the coming years. The UK operations are in very safe hands with such an experienced and capable management team led by Jonathan.

“At the same time, we see building our presence in North America as a natural evolution for AFL as we look to increase the flow of long-term business into London. We enjoy strong relationships throughout the US and Canada, and this expansion is the strongest signal of intent and commitment we could make to those markets, and our partners and friends over there.”

The soon-to-be AFL North America CEO said he is very much looking forward to leading the drive.

Meanwhile Bines, for his part, is happy to assume the role of UK chief executive to build on what AFL has achieved to date and enhance the operations in London and Manchester, adding: “And now that the company also has a tremendous opportunity to grow further and diversify on the international stage, I look forward to working with Toby [Esser], Bob, and the rest of the global team.”

Commenting on the changes, chairman Toby Esser noted: “Since joining AFL, Jonathan has quickly built a reputation for delivery. His promotion to UK CEO is a reflection of his focus on outstanding service for AFL’s clients and partners, keen eye for commercial opportunities, and commitment to operational excellence – attributes which will be invaluable going forwards.

“Jonathan will continue to play a key role in meeting AFL UK’s goals, as we continue to build our talented team and grow our retail and wholesale broking business. At the same time, we see excellent opportunities in North American markets, particularly through MGA (managing general agent) operations, and AFL plans to expand its presence significantly in this space.”

The AFL chair added: “I know Bob relishes the opportunity to lead the North American business, and we look forward to announcing further details on this new platform in due course. For the time being, I’d like to congratulate Jonathan and Bob on these exciting and well-deserved moves.”