Report: COVID-19 led to surge in online auto insurance quote requests

It also suggests that people are looking for ways to save a bit more during this financially challenging time

Report: COVID-19 led to surge in online auto insurance quote requests

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By Lyle Adriano

Online insurance marketplace Pretected has published a new report outlining that ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the US, there has been a surge in demand for online auto insurance quotes.

According to the insurance comparison website, there has been an average increase of 147% in online auto insurance quote requests between the periods of March-August 2019 and March-August 2020.

Pretected noted that this trend may sound counterintuitive at first; after all, driver activity dropped considerably during the pandemic, and some believed that drivers would be less bothered with their current coverage during this period.

“But it actually makes a lot of sense when we see the struggling economy as more and more people are looking for every possible way to save a couple of extra dollars,” Pretected commented.

The website also took note of which US states saw the biggest increases in auto insurance quote requests. California leads the pack with the highest increases in online requests for quotes, followed by Georgia, then New York. All three states also happen to be among the top states with the most COVID-19 cases in America, Pretected pointed out.

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