Woman's hand sawn off in insurance fraud attempt

Woman's hand sawn off in insurance fraud attempt | Insurance Business


In a gruesome attempt to fraudulently claim on insurance payouts, a Slovenian woman has been accused by authorities of cutting her own arm off with a circular saw.

The 21-year-old woman and a relative, who helped her lop her limb off, have been detained. If convicted, they both face up to eight years in prison, BBC News reported.

According to police, the suspects recently took out injury insurance. The woman allegedly attempted to gain about $450,000 in compensation, as well as monthly payments of about $3,380 from the policy.

Initially, four members of the family were detained earlier this year in connection to the scheme. But two were later released.

Authorities say the group intentionally cut the woman’s hand, just above the wrist, at their home in Ljubljana. Relatives then took her to the hospital, claiming that the woman had injured herself while sawing branches.

The group left the severed hand behind to ensure that the disability was permanent, but authorities recovered it in time so that it could be sewn back on.