Cyber insurer expands availability of product

Cyber insurer expands availability of product | Insurance Business America

Cyber insurer expands availability of product

Cyber insurance company Measured Analytics and Insurance has announced that its standalone cyber insurance product, CyberGuard, is now available in all 50 states.

CyberGuard, backed by Lloyd’s syndicates, is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses with up to $500 million in revenue.

Measured’s CyberGuard product combines API integrations, proprietary data, and real-time assessment of each client’s actual risk to provide clients with customized, actionable information that can help them reduce their exposure to cyber risk. CyberGuard rewards strong cyber hygiene with competitive rates.

“The rise of ransomware has led to cyber incidents that are putting real pressure on insurers to rethink how they underwrite cyber risk and apply technology and artificial intelligence to the process,” said Jack Vines, CEO of Measured Insurance. “With companies facing more dynamic and complex threats, it is more essential than ever to have the right partners working alongside you. Measured is the next generation of cyber insurance coverage, designed and built to address the threats that companies face specifically.”

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“This latest achievement highlights the growth we have had this year and now positions us perfectly for 2022,” said Steven Anderson, chief underwriting officer for Measured Analytic and Insurance. “Measured continues to have an impact in this space integrating technology and insurance for our customers.”

Brokers serving the US market can work directly with Measured’s production and underwriting team members to understand their clients’ needs. As part of the company’s cyber policy offerings, it provides cybersecurity tools and real-time threat intelligence at no additional cost. Measured’s policies also provide security and incident response services and comprehensive cyber insurance coverage, the company said.