Marsh launches enhanced cyber risk suite

Marsh launches enhanced cyber risk suite | Insurance Business

Marsh launches enhanced cyber risk suite

Marsh has announced the launch of an enhanced suite of cyber risk quantification consulting capabilities that offer clients new insight into the impact of their cybersecurity investments.

The suite is powered by Blue[i] Cyber, a cyber risk analytics engine that integrates the company’s cyber risk quantification models with X-Analytics, a cyber risk model from Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC) for which Marsh is the exclusive insurance broker and risk consulting provider.

The new suite of capabilities will allow Marsh clients to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls and prioritize risk mitigation accordingly
  • Utilize data-driven “what-if” scenarios to evaluate existing and future cyber investments
  • Evolve cybersecurity from technical jargon to a board-level conversation
  • More easily meet cyber risk disclosures and reporting requirements
  • Use financial analysis of cyber risk exposure to inform risk management strategies

“Although cyber often ranks high on risk agendas, many organizations struggle to understand how their cybersecurity strategy impacts their financial exposure to cyber risk,” said Reid Sawyer, US cyber risk consulting practice leader for Marsh. “With Marsh’s enhanced quantification consulting capabilities, clients will be able to gain greater clarity into the impact their cybersecurity investments have on risk reduction and make more informed cyber risk capital allocation decisions.”