EZLynx partners with Onust to offer vehicle service contracts

Deal looks to help independent agents support their clients

EZLynx partners with Onust to offer vehicle service contracts


By Ryan Smith

EZLynx has announced a partnership with Onust, a technology platform that allows independent agents to offer their clients a monthly vehicle service contract for mechanical breakdown.

The partnership gives agents the opportunity to offer coverage and increase revenue directly within the EZLynx Connect rating engine.

“EZLynx is excited for our partnership with Onust,” said Kevin Coplin, director of strategic partnerships at EZLynx. “A monthly vehicle service contract is a natural add-on product for our agents to offer while quoting their customers’ auto coverage. Onust’s subscription model is unique in the marketplace, and our agents’ customers get so much more than just a vehicle service contract.”

Vehicle service contracts can be expensive and are generally only available at the point of purchase at auto dealers. They can also be difficult for insureds to understand, EZLynx said. Onust has simplified the offering with comprehensive coverage at an affordable monthly subscription. Customers pay for only the services they choose and can cancel their subscription at any time.

Onust focuses on ensuring that agents and customers have the best experience before, during and after subscription sign-up, EZLynx said. The model is centered around Onust’s Member Advocacy Center (MAC), a service that assists both agents and subscribers in handling inquiries from new and existing customers. Once the agent initiates a referral from EZLynx Connect, a MAC team member corresponds with a prospective subscriber with minimal involvement from the agent.

“Consumers today are being inundated by direct marketers that do not have your insureds’ best interest in mind,” said Glen Tuscan, CEO of Onust. “These are transactional business models that are marketing to your clients on a daily basis. Onust believes that independent agents are best served with a relational, longer product experience that puts clients first throughout their entire subscription.”

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