Take control of your agency growth with forecasting

Take control of your agency growth with forecasting | Insurance Business America

Take control of your agency growth with forecasting

Change can be exciting, but it can also be unpredictable. So, how can your agency weather the winds of change?

Business forecasting can help an agency refine its goals to reflect its evolving nature, and it can also help scale operations for an agency’s future needs, says Dylan Brooks, SEO consultant at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC).

“Forecasting looks backward and forward,” he says. “It combines the results-based approach agencies already use with strategic planning, and it combines these results to provide an up-to-date view of success.”

Agencies can meet their objectives – and better yet, optimal objectives – with the help of business forecasting, and it should start with digital marketing.

“This part of your operation is easy to track … start by looking at your website analytics reports,” he explains. “Which devices are visitors browsing your website on, and what are they doing while on the site? Keep an eye out for red flags. For instance, a low average time-on-page could be a sign of a poor consumer experience.”

But, if there are issues, don’t rush to fix them just yet, Brooks cautions. The goal is to forecast future results to determine success, so gathering forward-facing information to make those forecasts will then determine if changes need to be made. By comparing trends and analytics, agencies can forecast future demand and use that information to adapt their websites to meet those demands. Resources, such as Think With Google, Google Trends and the annual KPCB Internet Trends Report, can be useful in crafting digital marketing forecasts.

“As you make these forecasts, don’t forget the big picture,” Brooks says. “When you market to changing consumer needs, you stand to grow your business … Forecasting future-proofs your digital marketing. It prepares your agency for changes in consumer behavior. It helps you manage your agency’s growth process, and it allows you to maintain excellence at any size or scale.”


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