Tech acquisition arms agencies with arsenal of digital tools

Tech acquisition arms agencies with arsenal of digital tools | Insurance Business America

Tech acquisition arms agencies with arsenal of digital tools

The recently-announced acquisition of Smart Harbor, which provides digital technology to insurance agents, by Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC) is a move that’s all about empowering insurance agents with the best digital tools on the market.

According to a press release, Smart Harbor works with more than 1,000 independent insurance agencies by offering them technical expertise and industry knowledge. In turn, this support helps agencies grow their businesses and keep their clients through websites, smart forms, SEO, and data analytics capabilities.

The acquisition came about as a result of Smart Harbor’s focus on making sure that agencies are creating environments for their marketing that bring results.

“That’s where ITC fits as well, and we both have very complementary product sets that we could work together with to actually create a stronger environment for our joint customers,” said Laird Rixford, CEO at ITC.

Today, insurance agencies feel the pressure to level up their digital offerings to meet customer expectations. A recent J.D. Power study reported that insurance companies were failing to match customers’ expectations when it comes to digital interactions – and agents and brokers are also missing this boat when it comes to putting tools in their clients’ hands that will improve their insurance-buying experience.

However, these professionals can create a better experience for their clients by crafting websites that act as landing pages for all of their marketing. That’s where Smart Harbor comes in.

“Smart Harbor has a really good ability to consult and strategize with their clients on the best thing that they can do for their website with their online marketing,” said Rixford. “And that’s something that ITC wants to take advantage of – their smart strategy product is a great offering for agencies and we feel that it can reach a broader market with ITC.”