TheGuarantors taps new COO

TheGuarantors taps new COO | Insurance Business America

TheGuarantors taps new COO

Insurance start-up TheGuarantors has announced the hiring of Sean O’Donoghue as its chief operating officer.

O’Donoghue has 30 years of experience in developing technology and digital strategies, product development, operations and financial management. Prior to joining TheGuarantors, he served as chief operating officer at insurtech start-up Trōv. He has also held positions at DreamWorks Animation, Madison Square Garden, Macerich, Oracle and KPMG.

“At TheGuarantors, we pride ourselves on our agility and cross-functionality,” said CEO Julien Bonneville. “Different stakeholders from real estate, risk, insurance, technology, asset management, etc., come to us for solutions because of how well we work across different verticals. Sean is a perfect fit.”

“TheGuarantors has established itself as an innovative and execution-oriented player at the cross-section of real estate, fintech and insurtech,” O’Donoghue said. “It’s an exceptionally strong team, with a wealth of knowledge and new ideas, and I look forward to helping the company thrive and expand.”