Sapiens partners with AI firm to improve workers' comp process

Sapiens partners with AI firm to improve workers' comp process | Insurance Business America

Sapiens partners with AI firm to improve workers

Sapiens Americas, a subsidiary of insurance software provider Sapiens International Corporation, has partnered with artificial-intelligence company CLARA analytics to improve the workers’ compensation process.

CLARA analytics’ predictive-analytics tool for workers’ compensation claims will be paired with Sapiens CoreSuite for Workers’ Compensation “to improve customers’ processes and provide access to in-depth analysis for proactive risk mitigation,” Sapiens said.

The partnerships will help simulate the costs and benefits of existing early-intervention programs, as well as interventions for workers who are most likely to benefit from them, the company said.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Sapiens, a leading global organization, and to empower its workers’ compensation claims teams to transform the way workplace injuries are handled, including decisions such as finding the right doctor and prioritizing claims,” said Gary Hagmueller, president and CEO of CLARA analytics. “Our tools are designed to be easily implemented into an insurer’s existing claims workflow, while reducing costs to provide a significant return on investment.”

“This strategic alliance will meet the current and future needs of Sapiens’ customers in a transparent and efficient way,” said Roni Al-Dor, president and CEO of Sapiens. “Carriers can discover new claims insights and understand how these discoveries will positively affect the course of a claim, an employee’s role within an organization and the insurer’s bottom line.”