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Special Reports 2023

Special Reports 2023

Insurance Business' special reports provide an expert-collated resource for the industry when looking for best-in-class partners and the most revered service providers.


The Special Reports also provide an opportunity to honor the top companies and individuals in the industry for their hard work and commitment to innovation. This year, Insurance Business will produce a comprehensive portfolio of special reports covering a plethora of topics and agendas that are top of mind for professionals and most pertinent to the industry.


To view the entire schedule and participate in the surveys that are integral to revealing the trends and conversations that matter, please visit our Annual Calendar

  • 5-Star Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    5-Star Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Celebrating the companies moving society forward through their diversity, equity and inclusion programs

  • Global Best In Insurance 2022

    Global Best In Insurance 2022

    Celebrating the outstanding companies and professionals in the insurance industry in Asia-Pacific, North America, and the UK

  • 5-Star Carriers 2022

    5-Star Carriers 2022

    Recognizing the winners of the 2022 IBC 5-Star Carriers awards – competitive companies battling contentious market conditions

  • Top Insurance Employers 2022

    Top Insurance Employers 2022

    Celebrating the winners of the 2022 IBC Top Insurance Employers awards, great companies going the extra distance to distinguish themselves in a tight labour market

  • 5-Star Insurance Technology Providers 2022

    5-Star Insurance Technology Providers 2022

    Celebrating the winners of IBC’s 5-Star Insurance Technology Providers 2022 awards – disruptive companies that are transforming the industry with tomorrow’s technology

  • 5-Star MGAs 2022

    5-Star MGAs 2022

    Celebrating the 5-Star MGAs, niche professionals meeting the unique needs of the marketplace

  • Rising Stars 2022

    Rising Stars 2022

    Celebrating the 2022 Rising Stars – young talents distinguishing themselves in a prestigious industry

  • 5-Star Brokerages – Ontario 2022

    5-Star Brokerages – Ontario 2022

    Celebrating the bold brokers thriving in tough times

  • 5-Star Construction 2022

    5-Star Construction 2022

    This year’s winning insurers have resolutely supported the construction industry through recent economic challenges

  • Elite Women 2022

    Elite Women 2022

    The 48 Elite Women this year are trailblazing professionals who have turned challenges into opportunities