• Safeguarding share price

    Insurance and other risk management strategies are key to protecting a company's share price during a reputational crisis, writes Nir Kossovsky

  • Evolve or fall short

    Insurers must adapt to meet a higher standard or suffer the consequences, writes Bill Pieroni

  • Front and centre

    Adopting centralized decisioning will allow insurers to meet disruption head-on, writes Kevin Deveau

  • Death of the spreadsheet

    Keeping up with the latest technology requires surrendering the comfort of established systems, writes Simon Oddy

  • Transparency trumps trespassing

    In today’s competitive market, true collaboration between sales, underwriting and marketing is critical for survival, writes Arthur B. Seifert

  • Evolution, not revolution

    Insurtech has been praised for bringing technology to the insurance industry, but the technology has been there all along, writes Frank Sentner

  • Building resiliency

    Tom Lawson is a prime example of FM Global’s ability to retain its leaders. His long tenure at the company has been focused on the insurer’s mission of mitigating risk with engineering expertise