• The power of marketing tech

    28 Sep 2021

    In a competitive insurance market, automated tools that can optimize messaging, timing and channel are a must, writes David Greenberg

  • The benefits of output policies

    3 Aug 2021

    Amid the worsening effects of climate change, insurers should consider a more flexible commercial insurance option, writes Gary Koslov

  • Staying agile post-pandemic

    6 Jul 2021

    Following the massive disruption of COVID-19, the insurance industry will need to embrace new agile operating models, writes Vijay Pahuja

  • Where cyber meets art

    13 Apr 2021

    Fraudsters are turning to technology to victimize art collectors, making first-party cyber coverage a necessity in the art world, writes Hayden Kopser

  • Data's competitive advantage

    18 Feb 2021

    The adoption of data-based imaging technologies can give property insurers an edge, write Upendra Belhe and Guy Attar

  • The season of transformation

    29 Sep 2020

    Early 2020 will likely be remembered as the moment when the digital scales tipped for the insurance industry, writes Sasha Korol

  • The evolving nature of fraud

    4 Aug 2020

    As fraudsters adjust their tactics in response to an uncertain world, there are five emerging trends insurers should be aware of, writes Dennis Toomey

  • Closing the information gap

    9 Jun 2020

    Using a single credit source to price insurance policies for small businesses creates a significant gap in underwriting data, writes Sharon Maloney

  • Safeguarding share price

    14 Apr 2020

    Insurance and other risk management strategies are key to protecting a company's share price during a reputational crisis, writes Nir Kossovsky