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Cyber insurance is no longer a niche product – as if a series of high-profile attacks didn’t shine a bright enough spotlight on the product, then a global pandemic which thrust the world into a remote working environment most certainly did. Now, cyber insurance has become so mainstream that some have suggested that traditional P&C insurance will soon be renamed P&C&C insurance, in line with the product’s surge in interest.

For brokers, however, the cyber landscape remains challenging – how do you sell a product that is constantly changing, and how do you help clients mitigate risks when the threat landscape can alter during every minute of the day?

To answer all these questions and more, Insurance Business has put together a Cyber Power Panel that will meet quarterly to discuss all the latest issues and address the concerns of brokers operating in the cyber insurance market.


  • Derek May
  • Vice President, Technology and Cyber
  • Hub International Insurance Brokers
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For many businesses, environmental insurance is one of the most important types of coverage they can obtain – offering cover as it does, for the cost of restoring damage from environmental accidents, as well as pollution issues, biodiversity problems and more.

However, as an insurance broker how do you keep on top of all of its intricacies and the various rules and regulations that can impact this already complex space?

Thankfully, Insurance Business has put together an Environmental Insurance Power Panel consisting of some of the biggest names across the Canadian insurance industry. Every quarter, this group of experts will meet to discuss the biggest issues impacting the sector and to answer some of the most pertinent questions on the mind of environmental brokers nationwide.


  • Justin Perry
  • Senior Vice President and National Practice Leader – Environmental Risk Solutions
  • Aon
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Professional Risks

From E&O to D&O, and from management liability to professional liability, the professional risks landscape is as diverse as it is complex and keeping on top of its various challenges is increasingly important for insurance brokers, particularly in what has become a notably litigious environment.  

So where do you turn for expert advice and to ensure you’re giving your professional clients the latest insights that will help shape the coverage they obtain? 

Insurance Business wants to put professional risks brokers on the right track. That’s why it has put together a Professional Risks Power Panel that will meet every quarter to discuss some of the industry’s biggest challenges, while also highlighting the opportunities awaiting savvy brokers. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get the cream of the crop of the professional risks industry in the same room, then look no further.  




The construction insurance market is awash with opportunity for brokers – if you know how to capitalize on them. 

After a period in which the industry suffered a series of COVID-prompted setbacks, with new regulation introduced and new safety measures required, the spotlight has rarely been brighter on the construction insurance marketplace. But how has this changed approaches to underwriting and what can brokers do to help their clients mitigate these risks? 

To help you stay on top of the construction insurance space, Insurance Business has put together a Construction Power Panel featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. It will meet on a quarterly basis to outline all the latest issues and biggest concerns in the marketplace – and to give your business the building blocks for success in a competitive marketplace. 



  • Gaurav Kapoor
  • Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy, Digital & Operations Construction & Infrastructure Group
  • NFP
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The property insurance market is at the core of the industry, helping to protect residents against losses from fires, natural catastrophes and more. However, in recent years, it is a line that has also become increasingly complex - with several insurers even stepping away from the coverage altogether amid a hardening market and the increasing threat of disasters in several high-risk areas.

So, what can a broker do when coverage availability appears to be diminishing? And even if your client lives in a relatively "safe" area, what makes one product offering stand out from another?

These are among the issues that will be discussed by Insurance Business' expert property insurance panel - bringing together some of the most highly regarded brokers and insurance professionals across Canada. They will meet quarterly to discuss the state of the market and how brokers can thrive in the space


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