Ai Insurance Organization

Being a Top Insurance Employer requires a commitment to and a passion for people,” says Randy Carroll, CEO of Ai Insurance Organization in Mississauga, Ontario. “We continue to attract and retain top talent in the business through continuous investment in our staff.” 

Ai Insurance is an award-winning insurance brokerage and Canada’s leading surety bond broker and contractor insurance provider. Ai Insurance offers its employees a professional development and continuing education program that enables them to enhance their technical skills and achieve industry designations. The company also promotes a balanced work-life environment, supported by its group benefits program, which focuses on employee wellness with access to a variety of immediate health and support services for self-care and well-being.

In addition, Carroll says Ai Insurance maintains and supports a family-first policy for its team and encourages the full use of vacation time and supports staff who require personal time. 

“Ensuring that our staff ’s personal lives are a priority is a must for our organization,” he says. “Our mission is to be the top Canadian insurance brokerage, recognized for its dedication to its staff, its clients and for utilizing cutting-edge innovation to create superior value for all. We commit ourselves to life-long learning, to balance self-confidence with humility and to embrace the diversity of our teammates.”

Company Name:
Ai Insurance Organization

Head Office Address:
6601 Goreway Drive, Unit A, Mississauga, Ontario, L4V 1V6

Telephone No.:

[email protected]