Mathieu Villemure
Sovereign Insurance

Mathieu Villemure, Commercial Underwriting Manager, Quebec Operations

Mathieu Villemure

Commercial Underwriting Manager, Quebec Operations
Sovereign Insurance

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Mathieu Villemure credits his rise in the insurance industry to the relationships he has created, both within Sovereign Insurance and outside the company. “Insurance is a people business – it always has been, it always will be,” Villemure says. “You need to create a good network of relationships to be able to navigate the challenges of the insurance business on a daily basis.” 

Villemure began his career with Sovereign Insurance as a Senior Underwriter, working with fellow underwriters to manage existing accounts and new business opportunities. Now Sovereign Insurance’s Commercial Underwriting Manager for Quebec, Villemure has helped shaped the company’s cross-border appetite and guidelines and oversees the placement and underwriting of cross-border accounts on a national basis. 

While passionate about developing unique insurance solutions and building trusting relationships with broker partners, Villemure is also looking to the future. The 34-year-old said it is “crucial” to utilize and adapt to emerging tools and technologies in the insurance industry.  

“The clientele is changing, and we need to adapt,” Villemure says. “New technology, business intelligence, and client expectation are changing as well, like in every industry. When you think about the Kodak and Blockbusters of this world, you need to make sure you stay relevant in the marketplace.”