Who are the world's highest-paid executives?

Payouts serve as testament to 'relentless ambition of visionary leaders'

Who are the world's highest-paid executives?

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Elon Musk has emerged as the highest-paid executive in terms of yearly bonus, with an average payout that is hundreds of millions of dollars above the rest, according to a new report.

Musk, CEO of Tesla, has an average yearly bonus of $456.7 million in recent years.

This is according to online platform FounderPass, which collected and analysed data from latest financial statements and other publicly available annual reports of various firms.

It said Musk's "visionary leadership" propelled Tesla to financial heights, thanks to innovative product launches, sustainable energy initiatives, and market dominance.

"His audacious goals for the future promise to further redefine the automotive and tech industries, as well as reaching into outer space with his innovative Space X programme," said Max Bramwell, founder of FounderPass, in a statement.

Alphabet, Amazon CEOs

Coming after Musk is Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, with an average yearly bonus of $98 million.

FounderPass said Pichai's tenure saw Google expand into diverse technological realms, including artificial intelligence, to solidify Alphabet Inc's status as a juggernaut in the tech industry.

The third executive on the list is Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, who received an average yearly bonus of $53 million.

According to FounderPass, Jassy elevated Amazon's market presence, focusing on e-commerce innovation, cloud services, and other business ventures.

The full list of highest-paid executives in terms of payouts in recent years include:

Source: FounderPass

Bramwell said the "remarkable bonus payouts serve as a testament to the relentless ambition of visionary leaders."

"It goes beyond financial triumphs, reflecting the strategic acumen and effective guidance that propel companies to new heights."

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