Making Partner: Executive insurance leadership shaping tomorrow’s leaders

Making Partner: Executive insurance leadership shaping tomorrow’s leaders | Insurance Business Canada

Making Partner: Executive insurance leadership shaping tomorrow’s leaders

Insurance is competitive as is the hunt for strong leadership capabilities. You know this better than anyone. And that is why it has never been more important to develop your next generation of leaders to tackle the emerging opportunities and issues within our industry. The shift to digital awareness and changing workforce demographics has created a demand for more skills and work styles which itself has led to executive development playing a major role in remaining competitive in today’s changing marketplace.

Leadership today requires an understanding of how consumer behaviour has shifted with the use of digital technologies. Leaders must also understand how to make strategic business decisions and be resilient in the face of challenges. Finally, all executive leaders must demonstrate strong collaboration capabilities while being able to positively influence others. That’s where Making Partner provides a strategic advantage.

Making Partner

RSA’s Making Partner is one such program delivered by the world-renowned faculty and industry experts at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. Participants are exposed to thought leadership through first-class instruction, as well as a variety of new methodologies, tools and techniques aimed at improving leadership capabilities and performance. Those who attend can also expect to increase their broker network by meeting and learning from other program participants from across the country. Making Partner is developed for both executives in revenue generation and key executive roles such as human resources.

“We worked in collaboration with the Smith School of Business to create a best-in-class executive development program that offers practical insurance application addressing today’s problems (in addition to theoretical concepts) that participants can apply in the real world after completing the program,” says Balázs Lajos, Talent Manager | Employee & Broker Development at RSA. “As a result, we have been attracting a wide range of diverse participants, both in their work skillset and business segments from across the country.”

So, what do the participants say?

“Making Partner is an amazing option available to brokers and professionals working within the insurance industry. The program truly takes a holistic view of business, as it explores the different aspects that make it up including sales, marketing, finance and more.”

  • Kristin Coulombe, Partner and Human Resources Director at Jones Des Lauriers Navacord

“I was most pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with others in my field. Every participant had something unique to offer as we all came from different lines of business operating in different parts of the country. It was also interesting to note the parallels with trends each of us saw in our respective markets.”

  • Michael Nye, Senior Vice President at Marsh Canada Limited

More than that, both Coulombe and Nye agreed that the credibility added by the exceptional instructors at the Smith School of Business is what set Making Partner apart from other continuing education programs.

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