MPI takes first step in modernization strategy

MPI takes first step in modernization strategy | Insurance Business Canada

MPI takes first step in modernization strategy

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has announced that it has taken its first official step in Project Nova – the Crown corporation’s transformation strategy which would see the insurer transfer its auto insurance services in several phases.

The first phase of Project Nova will involve the transition of MPI’s Special Risk Extension business line from a paper-based to a system-based solution. This, according to the insurer, would allow brokers and MPI staff to deliver “faster, more convenient service” to truck drivers and commercial auto insurance customers.

“This is just the beginning – the first planned phase for Project Nova, which will ultimately improve customer experience and introduce new online service options for Manitobans,” said MPI president and CEO Eric Herbelin in a statement. “We are committed to delivering Project Nova on time and on budget, and are confident in our approach to achieve our objectives.”

According to the insurer, it worked closely with the insurance broker community – which includes the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba (IBAM) – over the past two years to ensure that Project Nova would also support the work of brokers in the province.

“We are happy to see that some systems and processes will be streamlined for our commercial clients as part of the Nova project,” said IBAM CEO Grant Wainikka. “This should enable brokerages to serve commercial customers more efficiently.”

MPI had previously forecasted that Project Nova’s cost would hit around $290 million – up from the initial $86 million – and that the timeline would be extended from April 2023 to the fiscal year 2025 to 2026.