Revealed – the top 10 most stolen vehicles in Canada

"The auto theft problem in our country is only getting worse"

Revealed – the top 10 most stolen vehicles in Canada

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By Mika Pangilinan

As auto theft rates in Canada hit historic highs, Équité Association has unveiled its annual list of the country's top 10 most stolen vehicles. Topping the list for the second consecutive year is the Honda CR-V.

Other models included in the top 10 list are the Dodge RAM 1500 Series, Ford F150 Series, Lexus RX Series, and Toyota Highlander.

Another key insight revealed by the anti-insurance crime organization is that nine out of the ten most stolen vehicles in 2022 are model years 2019 or newer.

According to Équité, criminals are increasingly targeting newer models and seeking to maximize profits by selling them overseas or by re-VINing the vehicles to deceive unsuspecting Canadian buyers.

The alarming rise in auto thefts has set historical records, with auto theft claims exceeding $1.2 billion in 2022. The crisis has been particularly pronounced in Ontario, where incidents surged 48% last year, and Quebec saw a 50% increase.

“The auto theft problem in our country is only getting worse,” said Bryan Gast, VP of investigative services. “Organized crime continues to look to Canada as a source nation for stolen vehicles where the financial reward is high and the risk of prosecution is low.”

“This problem will not be fixed in isolation,” CEO and president Terri O'Brien added. “We need meaningful change and collaborative solutions adopted by auto manufacturers, all levels of government, and law enforcement.”

To provide further context on Canada’s auto theft crisis, Équité has also released a list of the top 10 least stolen vehicles in the country. Ranking first on this list is the Chevrolet Volt, followed by the Kia Niro 5DR and Cadillac XT5.

Équité Association was founded in 2021 to assist Canadian insurers in combating fraud and other insurance crimes. Last month, it announced the launch of ÉQ Insights, a national insurance crime detection platform that utilizes predictive analytics and machine learning.

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