What are the riskiest and safest cities for driving in Ontario?

Study examines driving conditions and road safety in the province

What are the riskiest and safest cities for driving in Ontario?

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By Mika Pangilinan

A study examining driving conditions and road safety in Ontario has named Brantford as one of the most dangerous cities for drivers in the province.

The Insurance comparison site MyChoice scored the overall safety profile of each Ontario city by using the weighted averages of accidents and infractions with a 70/30 importance ratio. The ranking was drawn from data from over 100,000 quotes since 2020, including 2,274 accidents and 5,080 tickets.

Following this system, Brantford scored 0.7 out of 5, leading in the percentage of traffic tickets issued (18.18%) and the percentage of accidents on record (15.15%).

In contrast, Toronto emerged as the safest city for Ontario drivers, scoring 4.4 out of 5 as a result of lower rates of traffic violations (6.17%) and accidents (6.13%).

Listed below is the rest of the MyChoice ranking:

The top five riskiest cities for Ontario drivers

  1. Brantford: Score – 0.7/5
  2. Ajax: Score – 1.3/5
  3. Kingston: Score – 1.4/5
  4. Bolton: Score – 1.4/5
  5. Burlington: Score – 1.5/5

The top five safest cities for Ontario drivers

  1. Toronto: Score – 4.4/5
  2. Richmond Hill: Score – 4.0/5
  3. North York: Score – 3.9/5
  4. East York: Score – 3.7/5
  5. Whitby: Score – 3.6/5

Discussing these findings, MyChoice CEO emphasized the importance of providing additional information on traffic safety and driver behaviour throughout Ontario.

“This study sheds light on the disparities in driving conditions across Ontario and emphasizes the need for targeted improvements in road safety.”

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