B.C. still taking a long look at telematics

B.C. still taking a long look at telematics | Insurance Business Canada - Page 2

B.C. still taking a long look at telematics

“We have seen various auto insurers implement different incarnations of pay-as-you-drive insurance with mixed results over the past several years. Now we are seeing various auto insurers look to include distance travelled as just one aspect, while also monitoring other ways drivers use their vehicles.”

Perhaps reflecting concerns over just how private the data gathered from this technology is, the B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner has already ruled on one complaint involving telematics, coming down on the side of the company that was creating a personal profile of its drivers and their driving habits.

In Schindler Elevator Corporation 2012 BCIPC No. 25 (“Schindler”), the Commissioner considered the application of the B.C. Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”) to an employer’s use of a GPS-enabled data collection system used to monitor vehicles owned by the organization and operated by its employees.

The employer used a GPS and engine monitoring system in its vehicles called Fleet Complete. The complainant, a Schindler employee who made the complaint on behalf of himself and some co-workers, argued that the information collected was information about the movements, location and driving habits of identifiable employees and was thus “personal information” within the meaning of PIPA. The Commissioner found that the information collected constituted employee personal information, but that its collection and use was reasonable for the purposes of establishing, managing or terminating an employment relationship. (continued.)

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