SGI welcomes applications for speed camera installations

SGI welcomes applications for speed camera installations | Insurance Business

SGI welcomes applications for speed camera installations

Following the success of its speed camera program, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is now taking applications for more locations that could use the devices.

In a recent release, SGI’s Photo Speed Enforcement committee announced that it is taking applications from city and/or band administrators who are interested in making their roads safer.

"New [Photo Speed Enforcement] technology sites will not be selected randomly, nor for the purposes of revenue generation," the insurer assured in its statement. "Approval for use will only be on a rigorous, safety-based criteria."

Ideal locations for the photo radar cameras include places where citizens or police officers could be exposed to higher risks through "conventional enforcement methods,” or places where there’s a high risk of collision. Locations that draw large volumes of pedestrian traffic – such as school zones or playgrounds – are also prime spots for the devices to be installed in.

Locations that have been fitted with the speed cameras will have "prominent and permanent" signage warning drivers that they’re entering a photo-enforced speed zone, SGI’s release noted.

"There will be a four-week warning period during which warning notices will be issued to violators before actual tickets are issued," SGI added in its statement.

CBC News reported that the cameras will be installed for at least three years to collect data for assessment.