Uber returns to Winnipeg with plans for a summer launch

Uber returns to Winnipeg with plans for a summer launch | Insurance Business

Uber returns to Winnipeg with plans for a summer launch

Uber has announced that it is finally launching in Winnipeg after agreeing upon an insurance model that would work for its drivers.

The ridesharing company originally attempted to launch its services in Winnipeg in 2018, but could not reach an agreement with Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) on how the insurance for its drivers should be handled. According to the ridesharing company, it was only willing to insure their drivers in the city as long as MPI did not require those drivers to indicate in advance if they were working.

Michael van Hemmen, Uber Western Canada head, revealed that the company has ultimately agreed to pay for additional private coverage to insure their drivers in Winnipeg.

Talks between MPI and Uber began earlier this year, with Winnipeg City Councillor Jeff Browaty pushing the provincial government to make the appropriate changes to allow Uber to operate in the region.

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MPI spokesperson Brian Smiley said that the insurer “believes that the current model is fair, equitable and flexible enough to accommodate different regulatory frameworks that may be created by municipalities.”

But Smiley also said that MPI will “continue to review and evolve where necessary.”

Thousands of Winnipeg residents have already downloaded Uber’s app in anticipation of the summer launch, CBC News reported.

“We see a high level of interest here and, frankly, we want to be part of the solution to people not having to own personal vehicles,” said van Hemmen.