Advocacy groups to hold rally protesting “very shady” industry practices

Advocacy groups to hold rally protesting “very shady” industry practices | Insurance Business

Advocacy groups to hold rally protesting “very shady” industry practices
In response to last week’s advancement of Bill 91, Building Ontario Up Act, two advocacy groups are organizing a public protest to be held on June 3rd at Queen’s Park, Toronto called #Rally4AccidentVictims.
FAIR Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform and the Accident Benefit Coalition are not just protesting provincial government, however.
The groups feel that insurance companies also unfairly benefit from the legislation, and allege that provincial government’s proposals to reduce coverage for the catastrophically injured is uncalled for, given the industry’s profit margins.
“It is unacceptable to be giving away money to wealthy insurance companies who are already using some very shady business practices to deny a record number of claims,” reads a release from FAIR.
Among these practices, FAIR contends, are insurance companies employing "for-hire physicians who provide insurers with the medical reports used to decide whether or not an injured claimant is entitled to treatment and benefits.”
In addition, the non-profit association alleges that this arrangement allows insurance companies to place severely injured victims in numerous social services programs, forcing taxpayers to cover their expenses instead of insurance payouts.
“Our government is giving insurers a financial gift by allowing insurers to pay injured victims less and simultaneously download the cost of victims to the unsuspecting taxpayers who are the same drivers looking for a break on insurance premiums,” FAIR said.
The groups are also calling for supporters to sign an online petition.
  • Bill Crawford 2015-05-29 2:48:30 PM
    Fraud is a major contributor to insurance rates. Determining injury from an accident is a step in the process that has been abused by criminals. Is FAIR upset government and the insurance industry are trying to stop the fraudulent activities. What is their solution?
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  • TammyK 2015-05-29 7:24:30 PM
    The FRAUD card had been played by the IBC for years. With all the cuts, reductions, and changes they have gotten from the government even since 2010, can you or the IBC say there's a real lost to the insurers their profits because of legitimate survivors of MVA's? Instead of blaming us, the consumers/victims, stop their own, Fraudulent behaviour with delay, deny, bogus IME assessments, and their administrative costs. Clean your own dysfunctional system first!
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  • Bill Crawford 2015-05-29 10:24:04 PM
    I will assume that Tammy K is a MVA survivor who feels mistreated by the system. I would also assume this is an Ontario territory. How would you have insurance companies fix their system without criminals abusing this new system. And please don't say the insurance companies should just pay without controls. Tell us how to know a legitimate claim from a fraudulent one.
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