Brokers underscore the importance of personal interaction with underwriters

Brokers say underwriters' responsiveness and availability play crucial roles

Brokers underscore the importance of personal interaction with underwriters

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By Mika Pangilinan

In the competitive landscape of the insurance industry, brokers have made it clear that effective communication is the key to building successful partnerships with underwriters.

According to a recent survey conducted by Insurance Business, brokers unanimously agreed that the ability to communicate and engage in personal interactions is the most critical factor in determining which underwriters they choose to work with.

Morgan Roberts, the director of Ontario for RH Insurance, stressed the significance of underwriters who can answer any query and provide comprehensive coverage guidance to their clients, adding that “a great broker-underwriter relationship is key.”

Laura Sauer, a broker at Alex Berthelot Insurance Brokers, echoed this sentiment, expressing a preference for direct communication with underwriters.

“Good or bad, I prefer to talk to my underwriter,” she said.

Similarly, Tino Buntic, an associate broker at Sound Insurance Services, highlighted the need for underwriters who make themselves readily available to answer phone calls, acknowledging the value of real-time communication.

While some insurance providers have turned to online tools to enhance communication, the IBC survey revealed that this approach is not favoured by most respondents.

As noted by commercial broker Peter Krizanac of Acumen Insurance Group, insurers should focus more on hiring additional staff to improve turnaround times rather than relying heavily on broker portals.

Linden Kerr, managing director of Forward Insurance, said she recognizes the importance of meeting brokers’ expectations.

“As underwriters, we’re here to support our brokers, and remembering there’s a live human at the end of that submission or the referral or that email,” she said. “Providing great service to them means you roll up your sleeves, you stay late to get that quote out, you pick up the phone while you’re eating your lunch, you read that email before you get into the office.”

Kerr is one of the 45 underwriters who were recognized by Insurance Business as Canada’s five-star underwriters for 2023.

“The most important thing to mention about being a really good underwriter for your brokers is the hard work that comes with it,” she said further.

Learn more about what makes a good underwriter by reading Insurance Business’ 2023 five-star underwriters report.

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