Desjardins releases connected home insurance program

Insurance company offers hi-tech water leak detection solution to customers

Desjardins releases connected home insurance program

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By Lyle Adriano

Desjardins Insurance is launching a new program that will enable customers to track any possible sources of water leaks.

Customers who sign up for Desjardins’ “Alert” program get a free water, freeze, and humidity detector to use for their own homes.

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The device – created and supplied by smart home developer Roost, whom Desjardins partnered with to offer this program – can be installed next to any water fixture where a leak may occur. Once installed, the detector will send an alert to the user whenever it detects a problem with the home’s water system. Users can choose whether to receive the alert in the form of a notification, text message, or email.

The program is available to clients with a home insurance policy from either Desjardins Insurance or The Personal.

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“No-one wants to deal with the stress of water damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, it can mean lost valuables and family treasures that just can’t be replaced, not to mention a possible relocation during repair work,” said Desjardins General Insurance Group vice-president of innovation and strategic partnerships Alex Veilleux.

“With the Alert program, we’re helping clients harness the power of technology to avoid this type of stressful situation as much as possible.”

State Farm Canada is set to offer the same program this June.

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