Donald Trump in the shower – the ultimate homeowner nightmare

Donald Trump named ultimate house guest from hell in insurance survey

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By Paul Lucas

Donald Trump’s famous quiff could be a lot worse, apparently – namely if that quiff was dripping wet with Trump walking out of our own shower.

Admiral home insurance took it upon itself to investigate what homeowners in the UK dislike about having guests stay at their properties with some intriguing results.

According to the survey, of more than 2,000 homeowners across the UK, the thing we dislike the most about having guests to stay is sharing the bathroom – and the ultimate houseguest from hell would be the Republican candidate and possible future President of the USA.

The survey revealed that the worst thing about having guests to stay is sharing a bathroom at number one; followed by cleaning up after the guest; keeping them entertained; and, rather amusingly, their audacity to “take up space in our home”.

Commenting on the research, head of home insurance for Admiral Noel Summerfield said: “I think our research shows just how much we value our privacy and personal space. A lot of us have gripes about having guests to stay with us, but we’re equally unhappy when we go to stay with someone else.”

In addition the company asked for the houseguest from hell – with Trump topping the list which also included Katie Hopkins at number two, David Cameron at number three, Katie Price at number four and Russell Brand at number five.

As for the guests we would welcome into our homes it seems the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would get a royal welcome, topping the list ahead of Sir David Attenborough, Adele, Stephen Fry and James Corden.

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