Drivers ignoring closed road signs are dangerous to everyone: OPP

Ignoring snow warnings could lead to catastrophe and more collisions, provincial police warn

Drivers ignoring closed road signs are dangerous to everyone: OPP

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By Lyle Adriano

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has warned that drivers who ignore closed road signs during periods of inclement weather are a danger not only to themselves, but to other motorists as well.

Snowfall on Sunday severely affected county roads and highways. In cases where the roads were too dangerous to traverse on, the OPP was forced to close the thoroughfares. Blowing snow and poor visibility continued to affect the closed roads well into Monday, when snowplows were tasked to clear the roads of snowbanks while the routes were closed to the public, reported CTV News.

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“You have highways that are narrow, that aren’t properly maintained right now for people to be on. That’s why we close them. We close them so we can get them cleaned up. That’s our biggest problem,” OPP Const. Paul Nancekeville told CTV News.

Despite police efforts to ensure no vehicles enter the closed roads, a number of drivers have ignored the closures.

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“When you see the flashing lights, stay off the highway,” Nancekeville urged motorists. “We’re out here in a marked police cruiser with the lights on and they’re driving right by us. We try to get people to smarten up and stay the hell off them. It’s frustrating.”

Those caught driving on a closed road will be fined $85. Nancekeville also underlined that insurance companies typically will not cover for drivers involved in collisions that occur on closed highways.

“Once they’re on here they’re insurance is null and void if you’re on a closed highway. If you get in an accident you’ll be on the hook for all repair bills and for replacement of your vehicle,” he warned.

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