Executive Insights Series: Cyber 2021

The trends and threats brokers need to stay on top of in a tightening cyber market

Executive Insights Series: Cyber 2021

Cyber risk is everywhere and can trigger a string of far-reaching business losses. Today, cyber events can result in serious business interruption and legal repercussions.

With increased ransomware attacks becoming a pressing issue,  proactive cybersecurity controls are essential for insurers and brokers in an evolving threat landscape.

Download the latest Executive Insights report to understand the current state of the Canadian cyber insurance market, and explore the most common cybersecurity attack vectors and break methods, and other cyber risks lurking on the horizon.

The Cyber 2021 report features expert insights from Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, Sovereign Insurance, Coalition, and CFC.

Download now and gain insight into:

  • The most complex cyber issues to emerge in 2021
  • How ransomware threats have evolved and the risks ahead
  • Why specific industries have higher cyber risk
  • How brokers can navigate the hardening cyber market
  • Best practices for cyber risk mitigation

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