Final week for brokers to rank underwriters

Brokers on Underwriters survey will close this Friday

Final week for brokers to rank underwriters

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Insurance Business Canada’s Brokers on Underwriters closes tomorrow, October 13.

Don’t miss the opportunity to provide feedback on the underwriters you have dealt with over the past 12 months.

The survey offers an opportunity to share unique insights into the broker–underwriter relationship. The top 20 underwriters that impressed brokers on turnaround times, broker support, and commission structure will be recognized.

IBC’s detailed special reports are considered the industry standard, with many organizations using the results for benchmarking and performance improvement. Your opinions will be considered by your underwriter to enhance its efficiency. 

Make your voices heard – help make a difference in your industry by filling out the survey today.

Brokers on Underwriters 2024 will be featured on the IBC website in February 2024.

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