"House of horrors" dentist leaves practice

"House of horrors" dentist leaves practice | Insurance Business

"House of horrors" dentist leaves practice
Last week, news emerged that a Florida authorities were investigating a pediatric dentist accused of performing unnecessary tooth extractions on children, while possibly slapping and choking them in the process.

Dr. Howard Schneider`s practice is now being referred to as a "House of Horrors."

The 78 year-old had a history of similar allegatoins, including a three year-old whose family settled out of court after the infant received 16 “unnecessary” crowns. Schneider made headlines this time around after a mother started a Facebook campaign wjemher daughter arrived to have one tooth extracted, but ended up having seven removed.

“She was hyperventilating and had blood all over her, marks all over her," the mom reported. Staff had prevented the mother from sitting alongside her daughter, for no explicable reason.

Another mother has come forward and professed that her son had two front teeth removed for “unknown reasons” and claims that the dentist choked during the procedure. She was unable to hear his screams becuase she is deaf.

There is a possibility that this story took so long to emerge because Schneider would don scary costumes and tell children "your mom will die if you tell her what happened."  Schneider is one of the only dentists in the region to accept government-funded Medicaid insurance, and he's earned nearly $4 million from the program while committing these practices.

Since the story went viral, Schneider lost his medical license and more than 60 former patients are filing a lawsuit. The attorney general is also investigating these charges.

The Florida Board of Dentistry has announced that it will ensure Schneider never works in this field in the state again.