Lessons from one woman's insurance journey

Award winner shares her story

Lessons from one woman's insurance journey

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By Mika Pangilinan

Christine Wilson, assistant vice president, insurance inside sales, at Canada Life, was recently named one of Insurance Business Canada’s Elite Women 2023.

She spoke of her insurance journey in an interview with IBTV, sharing her story of resilience and adaptability.

Wilson began her career in the insurance industry as a finance advisor. She later transitioned to the carrier side, where she worked closely with MGAs and national accounts.

Her journey further progressed as she delved into the role of an advanced planning strategist for living benefits, assisting advisors in navigating the complex realm of critical illness and disability insurance.

This accumulation of experience eventually propelled her into her current leadership role at Canada Life.

As a leader, Wilson said she actively talks to her team about the importance of maintaining work-life balance.

When asked about these conversations, she shared advise that highlights how this balance can be achieved in different ways that the trick is to identify techniques that works best for each person.

“I think work-life balance is different for everybody,” she said. “What work-life balance is for one person might be different from somebody else. So, really follow what works for you.”

Wilson also talked about her experience with breast cancer and how this impacted her perspective towards her life and career.

Wilson was diagnosed with cancer when she was five months pregnant. She took a break for a year to take care of her son and go through treatment.

In that time, she was able to discover what she wanted to do with her life and career, saying that it helped her discover “where I wanted to spend my time and what my passion was.”

Learn more about Christine Wilson’s insurance journey by watching her IBTV interview.

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