SAAQ launches awareness campaign on the effects of cannabis on drivers

With legalization fast approaching, an auto insurance board wants to highlight how the drug can impair driving ability

SAAQ launches awareness campaign on the effects of cannabis on drivers

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By Lyle Adriano

An automobile insurance board is launching a campaign that hopes to raise awareness of cannabis’s effects on driving capabilities.

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“[Marijuana] decreases concentration, vision, your ability to drive. I think it’s important for us to repeat this message,” said Mario Vaillancourt of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

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The SAAQ cited coroners’ reports between 2011 and 2015, which found that 18% of drivers who perished on Quebec roads had marijuana in their system. Among drivers aged 16 to 24 who were involved in fatal crashes, the figure was at 30%.

In comparison, nearly 30% of drivers of all ages who perish in collisions in Quebec had blood-alcohol levels above the legal limit.

“We always plan this kind of campaign at this time of the year, but everyone knows the context now. We hope that more people will be aware of the risk,” Vaillancourt added.

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According to CBC, The SAAQ’s latest campaign targets drivers aged 18 to 24. The campaign launched yesterday and will run until May 14 on French-language television stations, English radio stations, and on social media.

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