Clyde & Co presents cyber risk offering

New program puts legal expertise at centre of cyber risk battleground

Clyde & Co presents cyber risk offering


By Ryan Smith

Global law firm Clyde & Co has announced the launch of a new international offering to help organizations manage and respond to cyber risk.

Called “One,” the new offering puts legal expertise at the centre of the fight against cyber criminals and helps organizations respond to cyber threats and strengthen their resilience. The lawyer-led program takes a one-stop-shop approach, utilizing a global panel of vendors across all disciplines according to client needs. One builds upon Clyde & Co’s existing offering in response to the growing threat of cyber risk, its increased complexity and the significant impact that cyber threats now have on businesses across sectors and geographies.

The One network is led by three Clyde & Co partners who specialize in cyber risk, liability and litigation: Helen Bourne (pictured above left) and Ian Birdsey (pictured above centre), both based in the UK, and John Moran (pictured above right), based in Australia. They are supported by more than 40 Clyde & Co partners and their teams around the world, who have combined experience managing more than 4,000 cyber events.

The One network will be available to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week through global telephone hotlines and email.

“Clyde & Co has developed a global team of cyber experts over several years,” Bourne said. “Every business sector in every country is facing an ever-increasing risk of being targeted by cyber criminals, and we wanted to consolidate our global expertise into a solution that would meet clients’ needs and demands.

“That has led us to creating the concept of One as a complete cyber solution led by expert lawyers and supported by a range of trusted vendor experts – a single phone call that will provide immediate access to a complete range of cyber specialists wherever they may be needed globally. Launching One, and making the solution readily accessible, represents an exciting opportunity for us to help clients manage one of the most challenging issues facing their business.”

“The fight against cyber threats is much more than a technical challenge,” Birdsey said. “Legal issues lie at the very heart of this and should drive the response. Today’s cyber attack is very different to that of five years ago. As organizations have learned how to respond, so criminals have learned how to keep ahead in the game.

“Their attacks have evolved in both complexity and severity. We’ve also seen cyber-related litigation bloom into one of the most challenging areas of international law. We only have to look at the rise of class actions like those previously brought against Google, TikTok and Facebook. Legal expertise goes hand-in-hand with cyber incident management, which is why Clyde & Co, a globally integrated law firm, is the right first point of contact to manage these issues for clients.”

“Today, there’s a clear space in the market for a lawyer-led response to cyber threats,” Moran said. “Because of the complexity of these issues, their multi-jurisdictional nature, the sensitivity of data, the potential for regulatory involvement, an experienced legal team is perfectly placed to lead and guide the response. The last thing a business needs is to have to struggle with its response to a cyber breach while trying to manage day-to-day trading.”

The One program is designed to support the full cyber life cycle by helping clients boost their cyber resilience and providing a full spectrum of support to organizations impacted by cyber threats. It will work directly with corporates or through insurers.

One will work with clients in three key areas:

  • Improving organizational resilience and the ability to stop cyber threats before they occur
  • Responding to live cyber events
  • Helping businesses recover from cyber incidents, which may include the need for legal action

Services provided under the One program include:

  • Data and regulatory mapping, data risk register development, and digital risk auditBusiness continuity planning
  • Cyber incident response simulation exercises
  • Full incident response management, team mobilization and vendor coordination
  • Forensic review
  • Data breach assessment
  • Third-party claims, litigation, class actions and regulatory investigations
  • Post-incident packages including review, repair, and development of new systems and processes
  • Privacy compliance audit, policy review and privacy impact assessment
  • Response to regulatory queries
  • Recovery litigation against third parties
  • Regulatory investigation
  • Vulnerability, data risk assessment and root-cause analysis post-breach

The One network will operate from more than 60 Clyde & Co offices across the world.

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