Two Canadian factories suffer separate cyber incidents

The motives for the attacks have yet to be determined

Two Canadian factories suffer separate cyber incidents


By Lyle Adriano

Two factories in Quebec became the target of two separate cyberattack incidents that have disrupted their operations.

The Alouette aluminum plant in Sept-Îles sustained a cyberattack on Friday, while the Bridgestone tire plant in Joliette experienced a separate cyber incident on Sunday.

The hackers responsible and the motives for the cyberattacks have yet to be determined.

CBC News reported that Bridgestone suspended production in all its factories in North America and Latin America while it conducts an internal investigation on the matter. Meanwhile, the Alouette aluminum plant continues to operate, but its email and landline phone services have been interrupted.

Canadian Aluminum Association general manager Jean Simard said that Alouette is a prime target for a cyberattack because smelters are considered strategic infrastructure in Canada. He added that recovering from cyber incidents can be costly.

"There's reputational damage also with the markets that's very important," Simard told CBC News.

In the wake of the Ukraine-Russia War, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) issued a warning earlier this week warning utility companies, financial institutions, and other organizations that they could be the target of cyberattacks carried out by Russia-backed hackers. All Canadian organizations have been urged to strengthen their cybersecurity measures and report any breach incidents to the CSE.

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