Duuo unveils new quick quote tenant insurance API

Duuo unveils new quick quote tenant insurance API | Insurance Business Canada

Duuo unveils new quick quote tenant insurance API

Online insurance distributor Duuo has partnered with property management software Tenantcube to roll out a new embedded insurance feature.

The new “Easy-Estimate API” allows tenants to quickly get quotes for tenant insurance within the Tenantcube platform. The new feature was introduced after Tenantcube received feedback from landlords and property managers that wanted a tenant insurance solution on the platform.

“Our goal in creating Tenantcube was to make it easier for small landlords and managers to find great tenants, providing a layer of comfort that's needed when renting out your space,” said Tenantcube CEO Andrews Moses. “Through our new partnership with Duuo, landlords and managers can enjoy the protection that comes with knowing their tenants have reliable coverage, while tenants enjoy the easy quoting process and affordable rates.”

“Duuo and Tenantcube have a similar mission to modernize old processes and empower Canadians through digital tools,” added Duuo partnerships manager Sunni Shannon. “With the launch of our embedded insurance feature, we can get more Tenantcube tenants covered quickly, allowing managers and landlords to focus on the other items on their to-do list.”

Duuo also revealed that by Q3 of this year, users will be able to complete their tenant insurance purchase within the Tenantcube platform. Landlords on the platform will additionally receive notifications when one of their tenants has purchased coverage from Duuo.