EcoClaim announces PuroClean as its first nationwide certified firm

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EcoClaim announces PuroClean as its first nationwide certified firm


By Nicole Panteloucos

This article was created in partnership with EcoClaim

EcoClaim is at the forefront of driving sustainability within the insurance industry, offering innovative tools and solutions to help firms measure, track, and reduce carbon emissions.

Its comprehensive approach integrates software, real-time emissions tracking, and training programs designed specifically to industry needs.

Governments around the world have mandated insurers to measure, disclose and reduce their emissions. EcoClaim offers an all-encompassing solution that helps maintain regulatory compliance and equips organizations with the tools to become climate leaders.

Celebrating PuroClean’s success

EcoClaim’s first nationwide certified firm, PuroClean, remains dedicated to environmental stewardship.

As a leader in property restoration, PuroClean leverages its 47 EcoClaim certified locations to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability.

This not only elevates their brand reputation but also meets the growing expectations of environmentally conscious clients.

Jason Reis (pictured), president & COO of PuroClean Canada, stated: “Our aim is to be recognized as a responsible and forward-thinking contractor. Our commitment to sustainable practices and minimizing the environmental impact of construction activities enhances our competitiveness and aligns with the values of our clients, ensuring long-term success for our organization.

“This commitment extends beyond our corporate office. We are thrilled to have all our locations committed to this program.”

EcoClaim: a catalyst for change

EcoClaim is a driving force within the insurance industry and its claims supply chain partners, equipping companies with the tools to become climate leaders.

EcoClaim offers numerous benefits:

  • Demonstrate climate leadership: Showcase your commitment to sustainability.
  • Leverage data for climate disclosures: Access aggregated data for comprehensive reporting.
  • Gain verifiable scope 3 emissions data: Obtain accurate emissions data on a per-claim basis.
  • Support net zero initiatives: Create pathways to reduce Scope 3 emissions on a per-claim basis.
  • Get a head start on change management processes: Manage change now to comply with forthcoming regulatory requirements.
  • Attract and retain talent: Provide proof of your commitment to your ESG goals.

Part of EcoClaim’s innovative model is working with supply chain vendors to create success. Roisin Lundy, a franchisee at PuroClean Halton, reflected on her experience with EcoClaim success coach Dale: “Having Dale spend time with our core team was incredibly beneficial, as it’s our field employees who will drive the success of this program. Dale emphasized the importance of categorizing on site and organizing job materials for easy sorting.”

“He used the analogy, ‘put the canoe in the water,’ encouraging us to take the first step,” continued Lundy.

By providing practical solutions and advanced training, EcoClaim assists clients in meeting regulatory emissions reporting requirements, demonstrating climate leadership and creating a pathway to reduce Scope 3 emissions and support progress towards net zero. Aligning with the growing expectations of environmentally conscious clients, governments and stakeholders.

Navigating challenges in sustainable restoration

Integrating sustainable practices in the restoration industry can be challenging, but EcoClaim is proving to be a game-changer.

According to Jenny Noble, director of operations at PuroClean, the industry faces a notable lack of standardized metrics and tools for measuring carbon emissions.

Noble observed, “Accurately accounting for Scope 3 emissions, which includes emissions from suppliers and product life cycles, is complex and resource intensive.” Despite these obstacles, EcoClaim helps streamline the implementation of sustainability plans by integrating with systems contractors already use.

Noble acknowledged: “How a contractor can implement a sustainability plan into their existing practice, some of which have operated in the same fashion for over a decade, is a giant hurdle.

“Integrating carbon measurement into existing operational practices without disrupting or prolonging overall cycle times can be challenging.”

However, EcoClaim enables contractors to integrate carbon measurement into their operations seamlessly, without disrupting current processes, thus minimizing impact on timelines and budgets.

This approach not only helps partners like PuroClean reach their environmental objectives but also boosts operational efficiency, underpinning EcoClaim’s commitment to aiding other companies in measuring, tracking, and reducing their supply chain carbon emissions.

Join the Movement

PuroClean’s successful implementation of EcoClaim’s training and sustainability measures highlights the importance of industry-wide adoption.

Firms aiming to enhance their competitiveness and contribute to a greener future can greatly benefit from EcoClaim’s comprehensive training programs.

Visit EcoClaim’s website to join the movement and start your organization’s journey towards sustainability today. Small changes make a big difference.

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