Enhancing home safety and sustainability with Moen Smart Leak Detectors

A typical home loses 17 gallons of water per day due to leaks

Enhancing home safety and sustainability with Moen Smart Leak Detectors


By Nicole Panteloucos

This article was created in partnership with Moen.

Jerry Fairborn (pictured), national sales manager, commercial, at Moen, sat down with Nicole Panteloucos from Insurance Business to discuss the growing importance of smart home technology in enhancing home safety and conservation efforts.

When thinking of water in the home, you might envision a leaky appliance or small crack that lets in rain. However, these seemingly minor issues can lead to significant damage.

If not properly detected, water damage can wreak havoc inside your home. In fact, a typical home loses 17 gallons of water per day due to leaks, contributing significantly to water loss over the years.

With provinces like Alberta in active wildfire seasons, conserving precious natural resources has become more crucial than ever. As officials urge residents to conserve water to ensure there are enough resources available for firefighting efforts, Moen’s Smart Water Security System offers a solution to help Canadians across the country become more mindful of  water risks.

The system includes the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, a leak detection device that attaches to a home’s main water supply line to monitor for potential water abnormalities. If detected, it can intervene proactively, automatically shutting off the water supply so the home suffers no damage. Also included in the system is the Smart Sump Pump Monitor and Smart Leak Detectors; for those concerned about leaks due to weather or aging appliances, the Smart Leak Detectors provide an easy, quick to install solution.

How does Moen’s Smart Leak Detector work?

The advanced sensor is designed to monitor moisture, temperature, and humidity in homes, offering 24/7 protection against water damage. Easy to install and battery-powered, the Smart Leak Detector can be placed in spaces like basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, garages, or anywhere homeowners suspect water might be likely.

Fairborn elaborated on the system’s real-time monitoring capabilities: “When moisture is detected, the detector promptly sends alerts to homeowners via the Moen Smart Water App, enabling swift action to prevent damage. Additionally, it monitors ambient temperature and humidity, alerting users to low temperatures that could lead to freeze-ups, particularly in colder climates.”

The importance of Moen’s Smart Leak Detectors is further underscored by the significant costs associated with water damage. In fact, water damage ranks among the most common insurance claims, being six times more frequent than fire, comprising 24% of all insurance claims. Over a decade, approximately one in six homes will file a claim for water damage and freezing, with an average cost nearing CA$17,000.

Moen’s Smart Leak Detectors can also integrate with other Moen products, such as the Smart Sump Pump Monitor and the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff to provide whole-home leak protection.

If the detector senses a leak, “it will automatically trigger the Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff to proactively protect the home from water damage,” added Fairborn.

Good for your home and the planet

With its Misson Moen initiative, the company hopes to save one trillion gallons of water by 2030. 

Emphasizing the impact of Moen’s efforts, Fairborn said: “Through Mission Moen, we are committed to developing products like the Moen Smart Leak Detector, along with the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, that not only protect homes but also promote responsible water use, contributing to a sustainable future.”

“We’re committed to listening to customers and adapting our offerings and technology to meet their needs and make lives easier. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, smart home solutions like Moen’s will help to effectively predict and prevent water damage claims,” Fairborn concluded.

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