Displaced Ontario residents return to flood-damaged homes

Displaced Ontario residents return to flood-damaged homes | Insurance Business

Displaced Ontario residents return to flood-damaged homes

Residents of an Ontario community who were displaced by flooding have finally returned to their homes – but not before the floodwater took its toll on several of their properties.

The community of Bolton in Caledon, Ontario was recently beset by floodwater from the Humber River after six ice jams caused the waterway to overflow. Some 85 homes and an apartment building were evacuated that Friday and Saturday.

About 200 residents were forced to take shelter in a nearby community centre as crews attempted to dislodge the ice.

CBC News reported that the water has since subsided, receding considerably overnight on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Caledon mayor Allan Thompson revealed that most of the residents were able to move back to their homes, but several have remained in the shelter, waiting for their basements to be completely drained of water.

The mayor said that six homes were hit the hardest by the flooding, adding that those properties will have to completely reconstruct their basements. He added that some homeowners may qualify for provincial funding to help rebuild some portions of their homes.

Thompson told CBC News that many residents admitted that they do not have flood insurance.