Can you teach ethics to insurance agents?

Can you teach ethics to insurance agents? | Insurance Business Canada

Can you teach ethics to insurance agents?

Agent Brent Kelly says clients are often the ones who put agents in the most difficult positions

My home state of Illinois is one of the 34 states that require all licensed insurance producers to attend an ethics class. Ethics and insurance agents. It’s like peanut butter & jelly.

Why are insurance agents forced ... I mean, required, to take three hours of ethics every few years? Aren’t you either ethical or unethical?

I recently attended my third ethics class and have asked the aforementioned question every time I am required to participate.

Here’s the reality. I face ethical issues every single day in my business. I think I’m ethical. You probably think you are ethical, too.

Let me ask you a serious question. Are you always ethical? Did you pause?

As much as you may think you are, I guarantee you are not. I don’t mean you are unethical in terms of a serious offense like fraud or embezzlement, but in small actions that could lead to greater consequences.

If you are an insurance agent, ethical dilemmas are a way of life. Why? Like any business, there could be a number of reasons, but having multiple obligations is one of the biggest issues insurance agents face. (continued.)

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