Facebook game promotes insurance

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Facebook game promotes insurance

We’re driving to work through slushy streets, balancing a coffee and talking on our hands-free phone. Suddenly we ask ourselves, “Did I lock the door?” One insurer has taken this universal fear to Facebook, and people are not only playing, but asking for quotes.

Australian multiline insurer NRSA, a division of IAG, is using Facebook to allay fears among its policyholders and prospects with its “Lock-a-door” campaign. In the game, players close and lock different-coloured doors to gain points and appear on a leaderboard.

The message, somewhat counter-intuitively, is that NRSA coverage still pays out the claim, even if the client forgets to lock the door.

What may be of interest to Canadian brokers who are looking to draw in new clients is a button for interested players to get a new home insurance quote from the company.

“The opportunity to reach new consumers and customers, different segments of the market that they traditionally have never been able to reach – the opportunity is there to re-engage existing customers and grow market share,” agrees Bill Morris, a partner at Navicom, who takes his message of upselling online to brokers across Ontario.

The game can be played on PC, smartphone, or tablet. In addition, the game also encourages players to “like” NRSA's main Facebook page in order to gain bonus points.

Those looking to try out the game can check it out through this Facebook link.