Beneva offers reimbursement for self-management support services

The move aims to help those recovering from psychological health challenges

Beneva offers reimbursement for self-management support services

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By Mika Pangilinan

Beneva has announced that it will reimburse its insureds for the cost of individual self-management support services provided by its partner, Relief.

 The move aims to promote mental health care and empower policyholders to take control of their well-being, according to Éric Trudel, Beneva’s executive vice president and group insurance leader.

“We care about the well-being of our insureds, and we believe in supporting health initiatives in the community,” said Trudel. “What interests us most about self-management is putting the individual at the center of the solution.”

Under the initiative, insureds can claim reimbursements under the psychological health care family in a group insurance contract.

Beneva said self-management support services allow organizations, managers, and employees to prevent psychological distress and facilitate the recovery of those facing psychological health challenges.

Access to such services is crucial for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorders, as they often face a high risk of relapse, even with proper medication or treatment. 

Citing data from Relief, Beneva noted that relapse rates reach up to 40% a year after recovery from major depression and 24% in two years following an anxiety disorder episode. Some symptoms can also be chronic, especially with bipolar disorder. 

 “This makes it all the more important to learn to live with them on a daily basis, and self-management is a good way to do so,” the insurer said in its news release. 

 Beneva’s reimbursement initiative comes after it had contributed to the creation of the Relief Research Chair in Mental Health.

 Sponsored by Beneva, the chair was established to advance scientific knowledge in self-management, mental health, and workplace performance.

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